Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership

Projects and Funding



The Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership Committee (FIP) has undertaken a number of projects since its inception in 2003.


Alberta Community Partnership – $75,000

Phase III – Regional Governance Projects – to develop a detailed operation and transition plan for proposed amalgamation


Self-Funded by Participating Members

Public Engagement Process for Regional Governance Project – $90,000

Regional Safety Program – $20,000

Upgrades to Regional SCADA System – unknown at this time


Alberta Community Partnership – $350,000

Phase II – Regional Governance Project – to undertake a regional Infrastructure Assessment Study

Alberta Community Partnership – $150,000

Phase II – Regional Governance Project – to develop a Business Case and Framework

Alberta Community Partnership – $40,000

Phase II – Regional Governance Project – to retain a project manager


Alberta Community Partnership – $50,000

Phase I – Regional Governance Project – to retain a consultant to identify options for enhanced collaboration between all municipalities within the region.


Alberta Transportation – $1.4 million

For the implementation of the Flagstaff Regional Water Operators Consortium and to install a Regional SCADA system for monitoring of water treatment plants and sewer lift stations


Municipal Sponsorship Program – $125,388

Purchased a building for the Flagstaff Food Bank

Exploration Grant – $50,000

  To acquire a contractor to explore regional emergency management and fire services.

Water for Life  – $35,775

To conduct a feasibility study for a Regional Water Operator’s Consortium

Rural Community Adaptation Grant – $130,700

Fund the FIP Coordinator’s salary for two years as well as rural development and youth initiative projects throughout the Flagstaff region.


Municipal Sponsorship Program – $232,280

All municipalities updated their land use bylaws and created municipal sustainability plans.


Joint Emergency Preparedness Program – $40,000

Purchased pagers, hand held & mobile radios, voice repeater drop sites and dispatch voice access for emergency response units in the region.

Municipal Sponsorship Program – $234,280

Purchased an ambulance, paid RESC’s salary and implemented regional dispatch


Implementation Grant – $100,000        

Bylaw Enforcement – Coordinated a contract with a private contractor to provide patrols in the rural communities within the region.

Regional Safety Training – Contracted the services of Flagstaff County’s Health & Safety Officer to develop a Health & Safety Program and Policies for all municipalities within the region.

Business & Community Development – Coordinated a orientation seminar for elected officials within and outside the Flagstaff region.  Also worked with Flagstaff County to hire an Economic Development Officer to work with all member municipalities to promote economic development.

Emergency Services – Dispatch conversion costs from Camrose to Strathcona County

Public Works – Coordinated meetings between all municipal Public Works employees to discuss potential opportunities of cost sharing of equipment & services as well as the possibility of a regional water system and water operator’s consortium.

Coordinator – Hired a coordinator for the FIP Committee

Municipal Sponsorship Program – $208,469

Hired a Regional Emergency Services Coordinator (RESC), installed new dispatch and voice systems for emergency response units in the region


Exploration Grant – $50,000                      

FIP Committee organizational and structural review

service partnership plan including an administrative review of the Flagstaff Regional Housing Group, fire services, recreation, bylaw enforcement, and other shared services.

Special Grant (Municipal Affairs) –  $18,000          

Special grant for the purpose completion of emergency services communications study

Municipal Sponsorship Program – $261,275        

Regional Emergency Communications Upgrade













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