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* In July, 2019 Flagstaff County served 6 months notice that they would withdraw from the Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership

In October, 2019 the Committee determined that the Regional CAO Group would split up management of each of the ongoing projects.  The Regional CAO Group will ensure that projects are either completed or continued, as may be required.  The Elected Officials would meet four (4) times per year to provide direction to the Regional CAO Group for any new projects to be undertaken.


* Formed in 2003
* BRAED provided the group with a $2000 start up grant
* A workshop/planning session was held
* Grant funding was accessed through the Alberta Municipal Affairs Regional Partnership Initiative



* The main objectives is to collaborate and interact with our neighbors to achieve long term sustainability as a regional community
* We are a standing commitee that actively addresses the needs of the greater Flagstaff regionl
* We plan and promote cost sharing ventures to maximize potential benefits for all members



* We support mutual benefits
* Improve service delivery on a regional basis
* Promote regional thinking and prosperity
* Provide collective voice to provincial and federal governments
*Support consensus based decision making
* Secure provincial & federal grant funding



* Nine towns and villages and Flagstaff County
* One council member and the CAO from each municipality
* The membership meets bi-monthly


Sub Committees

The committee may appoint sub-committees to undertake specific tasks and report back to the group


The committee selects one member to act as the Managing Partner for the group.  The Managing Partner is responsible to employ the Clerk for the committee as well as to maintain all financial records and to ensure that meeting agendas, minutes and schedules are kept.  Currently the Village of Forestburg is acting as the Managing Partner for the FIP committee.  The duties of the FIP Clerk can be reviewed through Duties of FIP Clerk.


Prior to 2013 no projects were undertaken unless grant funding was available.  In 2013 it was determined that there was a need for ongoing sustainable funding from within our own membership.  As a result, FIP now develops a budget, which is approved by each member municipality, and a requisition is charged to each member.  These funds are utilized to pay the FIP clerk, general operating expenses, and specific costs related to ongoing operating costs for projects such as the regional SCADA system.


















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